Mangowood (Mangifera Indica Linn) is native to the Indo-Burma region where it has been under cultivation for more than 4,000 years. Once the mango trees have stopped producing fruits, they were chopped to allow reseeding of younger plants. Old, yet exotic and elegant, the mango wood is turned into beautiful decorative art pieces such as vases, plate, stool and candleholders by our small group of skillful craftsmen from northern Thailand.
Each piece is stylishly crafted from the solid piece of mango wood, firing it at high controlled temperatures and later kiln dried to achieve the luxurious and hardened finish. The symmetry of its ridges and textures together with each different age-old piece of mango wood, adds uniqueness to the vases with is remarkable variety of grain figure.

The design shows the inimitable flair of an artisan close to nature. Stately and elegant, our exquisite mango wood vases blend perfectly with modern design concept and traditional artistic process. The mango wood vases and plates are available in more than hundred designs to meet your individuality and creativity. The natural radiance of the mango wood makes this a welcome additional to any contemporary or classic decor.

Why mango wood crafts?

  • High quality crafts from northern Thailand
  • Each piece is unique, and stylishly crafted from a solid piece of mango wood
  • Plates, trays, cutlery are not only used as decorative items, but can be used to serve hot, cold and oily food
  • Hand-washable and durable