Mangowood (maggifera Indica Linn) is native to Indo-burma region where it has been under Cultivation for more than 4,000 years.

Once the mango trees have stopped producing fruits they were chopped to allow reseeding of younger plants.

Old yet exotic & elegant the mango wood is turned into beautiful decorative art pieces by our skillful craftsmen. Each piece is stylishly crafted from the solid piece of mango wood, firing it at high controlled temperatures and later kiln dried to achieve the luxurious ridges and textures.

The plates are not only as decorative items but can be used to serve hot, cold and oily food. Such as vases, plates, candle holders & lamps is stylishly hand crafted which blended perfectly with modern design concepts or classic decor. 

This product is skillfully handcrafted by small group of villagers from northern Thailand. The wood are treated before export.


Paku Hata (lygodium microphyllum) is the native Indonesian name for Atah.This plant grows in the swamp.

In the village of Lombok, the artisans take 4 days to weave 1 placematt. The technique that they applied is the same for weaving shields used in the festival.  It is important to treat this product. After completed, they will sun it until total dried. Than it will be smoked with coconut husks, this is a repellant to all insects. Next they were put in the kiln to burn which gives this honey tone. It is a labourious work that the artisans had turned them into sturdy, sustainable baskets for a life time.

Atah are washable, durable and treated.